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Have a problem, feedback, suggestions about Awesome AI Tools? Contact us via the official channels.

Offical Contact Information:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Company: EXASTELLAR INDUSTRIES (LA0042502-P)
  • Country of Incorporation: MALAYSIA

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Before contacting us, please have a read to understand our services below...

About affiliate links:
  • Unfortunately, we are not looking towards any affiliate programs for now.
  • We most likely will not be able to reach any payout threshold due to our broad audience and variety of AI tools.
About sponsorships & collaborations:
  • Unfortunately, we are also not looking for such collaborations for now.
  • We do not want to displace any other AI tool users who have paid for our services, so we won't be offering any priotized link placements for now.

If you face an issue with your AI submissions:

  • e.g. update content / featured image
  • delist
  • update project

Please provide your AI tool name, order email, order number, and state your request, we are more than happy to resolve this for you!